Do you want to play in college?

Not sure where or how to start your search?

Overwhelmed by all the data, decisions and choices?

Choosing the right school means lots of time doing research.

PROSPECT MANAGER is your online College Recruiting Platform.

PROSPECT MANAGER streamlines the recruiting process – suggesting schools that match your academic skills, offer you the academic program you desire, meet your location requirements, abide by your specified financial constraints and offer you the opportunity to play ball in college.

With our advanced search capabilities, you can create your own Private List and focus on the schools that you want.  Direct links to a school’s area map, academic website and athletic website make the process easier and accurate.

Our School Progress Cards provide you with a recommended process to be recruited by a school, while keeping detailed notes and tracking your progress.

Our At-A-Glance Progress Chart lets you know in an instant where you are in the process with each and every school in your Private List and what to do next.

Contact information allows you to reach out to coaches directly.

and receive your
(No credit card needed to register and start your trial.)

Learn more about the exciting features in the Prospect Manager Recruiting Platform.